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Nozama Solutions is your consulting company and AMAZON AGENCY 360º. We help you SELL ON AMAZON and achieve your company’s or brand’s goals. We manage your accounts on Amazon, we register your products on the Amazon catalogue, we will carry out all SEO positioning services, PPC advertising and Marketing in Amazon, the largest marketplace in the world.


If you need help with the product photos, videos, translations, even with marketing outside Amazon, on your eCommerce or social media, you can count on us.


If you want to start selling on Amazon easily whether you are a company, self-employed or private individual and do not want to worry about anything, trust Nozama Solutions with the management of your Amazon account.

I want to sell my products on Amazon


Can you sell on Amazon as a reseller or private individual? Can I sell on Amazon having only a few products? What is the difference between individual seller and PRO seller? Do I have to be a freelancer? The answer is “YES”, you can do all these things and we will help you out. Check our service package for you. We advise on the type of account you should open depending on your needs.






What are the benefits of selling as a distributor? Is it profitable selling on Amazon even if my products are sold by others? I would like to sell on Amazon but do not know how to. How much do I need to spend on Marketing and Advertising campaigns with Amazon? Why is my Amazon account suspended? The Amazon world is not simple, but we will help you out. Learn more about selling on Amazon as a distributor.





Are you the supplier of a product and do not know how to sell it? Would you like to increase sales using Amazon as a sales channel? You have a Vendor account and would like to improve its management. At Nozama we are experts in the management of Vendor and Seller accounts for suppliers. In fact, we advise you on the best Seller or Vendor strategy, or mixed!

We offer a customized service based on your needs. We also help suppliers design specific products for Amazon.



How can we help?

You will find all the services you need to sell on Amazon both as a Seller and as a Vendor at Nozama, the expert agency on Amazon. We have all the necessary services, from the publication and advertising of products to the management of the account, logistics, shipping and invoicing. To do so we have developed our own work methodology. Our team consists of specialised workers and tools that help us accelerate the process of selling and increase the profitability of sales on Amazon.

To make this process faster, we also have a specialized department of “Distribution” or “Direct selling” on Amazon that could act as an intermediary buying directly your product. This way, we accelerate the incorporation of your products while we distribute it on Amazon with our team and tools, saving you from working directly with Amazon.



    If you are not familiar with the platform Amazon Seller or do not have the required time, selling on Amazon as a Seller can be a challenging, unproductive, or even an unprofitable task. We help you create, improve and manage your Seller account. For this, you can count on a professional team with experience in numerous Sellers’ accounts of all kinds and all over the world.





    We are aware that selling on Amazon as a Vendor can be complicated. Managing and publish the catalogue (NIS templates i.e.), creating sales promotions, enhancing product visibility, protecting the brand, while “adapting” to the processes of orders and deliveries of Amazon is a task that requires time and continuous dedication. At Nozama, we have specialized in the management of Vendor accounts 360º. We have even developed connection software to Amazon in order to make transactions easier and above all more profitable.



    SEO, SEM, PPC, Display, ACOS, etc. No need to worry, we are here to help you. We have a team of experts in Amazon marketing and advertising. Our work methodology consists of auditing your products and those of your competitors to develop the best positioning and sales strategy on Amazon. We will create and manage your advertising budget and we will assure that their SEO is always up-to-date.





    At Nozama Solutions we sell it for you. How? We use our central Vendor and Seller accounts to sell the products we previously bought from you. We will make use of our specialized warehouses according to the requirements that Amazon establishes for the preparation and shipment of the products (we have at our disposal 3 logistics centres to carry out this task). We have developed our own logistics software so that the process is faster and profitable.








    Pictures are key elements in online sales, in fact, they are on Amazon. Did you know that it is required to have 7 photographs so that the Amazon algorithm (A9) rates your products higher than the competitors’? At Nozama we have a team of expert photographers on eCommerce. Furthermore, we will make sure that these pictures meet the necessary criteria for their publication on Amazon. And all this for only 7.2 € (£ 6,3) per picture! Even though, videos of the products are a significant element when it comes to increasing sales, they are optional. Nozama can help you with the videos of your product, as well as those of your company (for instance, to insert them in the Brand Store). We have the support of a network of film makers available throughout the country that can assist you.



    The tasks of storing or preparing the product and sending it afterwards to the client or to the Amazon warehouse sound simple. Nevertheless, Amazon instructs that it has to be supervised and optimized, because the costumer is the most important. Nozama Logistics was founded as a logistics department of Nozama Solutions with the aim of providing solutions to all these aspects. We must not forget about the deliveries, both to Amazon (FBA) and the final client in any part of the world when these are FBM deliveries. To do so, we have partnered up with DHL, enabling us to provide the best delivery service either for companies and individuals with very competitive rates.




    No, we are not a bank, but we have partnered up with two of the best European financial entities to provide our clients with solutions for their payments: one of them is financing. We basically try to ensure that our customers receive their payments in advance. From products sold to the final customer (deferred expenses by Amazon to transfer it later to the Seller) as well as direct sales to Amazon (payment of the Purchase Orders issued and delivered to Amazon). The goal is twofold: to collect payments in advance (allowing the Seller-Vendor stock up with more products and grow their sales) and reduce payment risk (transferring the debt to a third party, they will take over (Factoring).




Amazon Experts


International Markets


Years of Experience

Why Nozama?

Methodology, Software and Team! This will create personalized solutions for your company, taking advantage of our experience of achieving outstanding results.


We have learnt many things, but the most important one is that we have done it thanks to our own work methodology that allows us to adapt to your company to achieve success on Amazon faster.


Nozama has developed their own software that adapts to an Amazon account and optimizes operations and sales profitability. We also track the Amazon tools and solutions market with our clients to hire, test and integrate them.


Would you have ever thought of having a team of 120 experts on Amazon committed to your company? An account manager will be coordinating an entire team of content writers, campaign designers, translators, experts on Amazon’s logistics, customer service, invoicing and order tracking among others.


Although, our services offer a perfect solution for selling on Amazon, we are flexible, so we can adapt to your company and create personalized solutions that meet your expectations.


We started managing our own brands and shops on Amazon, and after two years of hard work, hundreds of shops and millions of published products, we feel proud to be able to offer this experience to our customers. Check our website for “Casos de exito” and learn more about our experience.


At Nozama we have managed sales business worth more than 500.000.000 € (£ 450.000.000) in the past few years. These are astonishing numbers, but nothing compared to the growth of Amazon. Contact us to learn about more precise results of business lines and types of products.

These are some official figures from Nozama

At Nozama we have managed the publication of more than 3.000.000 products in the last 9 years.

We have published products in five languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian in 1.500 different Amazon templates.

Our work and product database (Maremagnum) has more than 650.000 active products.

We handle annual sales orders worth 100.000.000 € (£ 88.000.000).

We have managed Amazon sales orders worth 500.000.000 € (£ 450.000.000) in the past 9 years.

On 2020, 1.700.000 products have passed through our logistics department making their way to Amazon.

Our team is formed by 120 professionals of 18 different nationalities in 10 areas of activity.

Some of the brands that rely on Nozama

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agencia amazon

Amazon Specialist Agency



“80% of costumers choose Amazon as their first option to do their online shopping!”


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Nozama Solutions, nominee for the SME prize of the year 2020


Santander Bank (Banco Santander) and Chamber of Commerce of Spain (Camara de Comercio de España) announce the fourth edition of the SME Award of the Year with the purpose of acknowledging the work of small and medium-sized businesses as wealth generators and employment creators in their daily work.

This award is announced in every Spanish province with the participation of 44 Chambers of Commerce and the collaboration of the main local press.

The SME Award of the Year is established with this fourth edition as one of the most prestigious conferences in the business world.


Nozama Solutions has been nominated as a candidate of the SME Award of the year 2020.

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