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If you sell or plan to sell on Amazon, regardless of whether you are an Amazon Seller or Amazon Vendor, one of the fastest and most effective methods to increase your sales is to create advertising campaigns on Amazon known as Amazon Advertising. 

If you sell or plan to sell on Amazon, regardless of whether you are an Amazon Seller or Amazon Vendor, one of the fastest and most effective methods to increase your sales is to create advertising campaigns on Amazon known as Amazon Advertising. Keep in mind that your products will be competing with hundreds of millions of other products. The product positioning strategy should be twofold, on the one hand the SEO that will organically position the products, and on the other hand the SEM paid advertising campaigns, which attract traffic to your product pages or Brand Store. We will show you how Amazon advertising works below. SEO positioning is included in our account management service when you create your catalogue.

What are Amazon Advertising campaigns?


Amazon Advertising campaigns are an advertising system similar to Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads, that allows you to advertise your products on a specific site within Amazon and pay for each click you receive.

Are Amazon Advertising campaigns profitable?


Customers coming to Amazon are already in the final stage of the sales funnel, they are not looking for information or recommendations. What they want is to buy. The better positioned your product is, the more sales it will register. On Amazon, searches are transactional, not informative.

In addition, Amazon’s paid advertising is lower than Google Adwords. To this we must add that it has a direct impact on SEO as it improves the record of sales and positive reviews improving the organic positioning of your product by increasing the quality level of the algorithm, so within your marketing strategy on Amazon you should never miss advertising campaigns on Amazon Advertising.

Amazon Advertising
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Where do you place Amazon ads?


On Amazon, paid advertisements are automatically integrated into the search results page of search queries. Products that are promoted with the paid advertising method are displayed at the top with a very discreet text indicating that it is a sponsored product.


Apart from that, you can create banners in the header that give us extra visibility and traffic to our product or to our shop on Amazon.


Display ads are small banners for your product that can be placed in different locations within the Amazon site. You can find them just below the shop button in the sidebar, at the top of search result pages, even in your competitor’s product posts or related categories.


All of this is available on PC, tablet and, of course, on Amazon’s mobile version.

How does Nozama run Amazon Advertising campaigns for your product?


In any Amazon Advertising campaign, the first essential step is to carry out a research of the keywords we are going to use. To do this we use specific software that allows us to know in advance important data such as the volume of searches, the average price that the competitors are paying for that click, and the average number of transactions that we can get. All this, we can support it with automatic advertising campaigns initially to know which words are the ones that will bring us more transactions and how much is the average cost that we will invest in our Amazon Advertising campaigns per month according to the objectives sets.

Once we have decided on what and how much we are going to spend, we create all the hierarchical structure and levels of the campaign (account, campaign, ad groups, ad types, keywords, negative words…).

Amazon Advertising
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We create the campaigns that best suit your products:


Sponsored Products

Improve the visibility of individual products with ads that appear in search results and on product detail pages.

Sponsored Brands

Increase brand visibility with your logo and a custom title in the ads that appear in the search results.

Sponsored Display

You will be able to display your graphic ads in banner format and segmented by keywords and products (either your own or your competitors’). Essential both for product visibility strategies and for cross-selling, you can even create remarketing campaigns on Amazon with this ad format.


We can create seasonal campaigns or fixed campaigns depending on the expected results. With a solid Amazon Advertising campaign and well selected keywords, your products will be visible to potential customers and the sales rate will increase significantly.

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