What is Amazon FBA and how does it work?

Fulfillment by Amazon better known by its acronym Amazon FBA is the program that enables companies to sell their products on the Amazon platform but with the invaluable advantage of being able to store them in Amazon stores and have Amazon itself handle the shipping to customers, manage refunds, returns and provide the outstanding customer service that Amazon wants for all its products.

This does not mean that we do not have responsibility as a seller or even that it is easy but it means that we can manage much better the time invested in the marketplace management to focus on other points of our sales channel knowing that 99% of the management is in the hands of our unparalleled partner Amazon.

Using the Amazon FBA service provides many benefits for you, especially in peak seasons when you can generate a high number of orders, such as Amazon Black Friday, which is the time of year when a very significant percentage of sales are focused due to the high volume of orders that Amazon customers usually place. With FBA you will not have to worry because they will manage everything related to your orders so that they can reach your customers on time without any drawbacks.

How Amazon FBA works in 5 steps

  1. When you publish which products select the option “Amazon logistics”

Logically, you must be an Amazon seller or at least have registered to be able to publish your products. If you haven’t started selling on Amazon yet, it’s a good time to contact us. Once in your Amazon seller management panel, when you are going to publish a product you will have to select the option Amazon logistics and you will be guided through the process of shipping it to the Amazon logistics centres.

  1. Ship your products to the Amazon logistics centre

You will have to follow the shipping guidelines so that your items arrive in perfect condition at the logistics center designated by Amazon.  In this step you can select your own carrier to ship your products or take advantage of the carrier program associated so the shipment will be much more simplified, faster processing and taking advantage of the rates that Amazon has already negotiated with the transport companies and all without any commitment to the transport company, you will not have to register or compromise to anything.

  1. Your offers will be published as managed by Amazon and will receive the PRIME label

All products within the Amazon FBA program are labeled Managed by Amazon and carry the Amazon PRIME badge

  1. Amazon will pick up, prepare and ship the product to the customer

All logistics are in Amazon’s hands. Amazon collects, sorts, stores, packages and ships the item to any customer throughout Europe.

  1. Customer service in the local language

You will no longer have to learn German or French in order to provide customer service in the buyer’s local language. With Amazon FBA, you can count on customer service in the native language of the 5 Amazon Europe platforms, Spanish, German, English, French and Italian. Manage refunds and returns directly with customers without you having to contact them in their language.


The impact of the Amazon Prime label

The Amazon prime label is the badge that makes your product superior in the marketplace. The impact of the Amazon Prime label can double your sales, organic positioning within the Amazon search engine will increase significantly as it is one of the most important factors within Amazon SEO. Having the Prime label increases the conversion rate as it is generally associated with a better product.

Will Amazon FBA increase my sales?

 Amazon is a non-informational transactional search engine. What does this mean? That the results given by the search engine will be only and exclusively for sale and it will only show the results that are most likely to generate a transaction. If your product has the label “shipped and managed by Amazon” and the prime label, your positions in Amazon search results will rise significantly and this will have an impact on your sales. Selling more and better will also increase your positive reviews (another important factor in Amazon SEO) and you will get better and better Amazon search results. So we can draw the conclusion that Amazon FBA is a very important factor to increase your visibility and your sales on Amazon.


Is it easy to manage Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is not that easy to manage, there are several factors that you have to take into account, the proper labeling, packaging, allowed products, shipping, a failure in any of these factors can cause you important losses so the best option is to leave your Amazon FBA management in the hands of a specialized agency like nozamasol.com. At nozamasol.com we have been managing thousands of products daily for over 6 years at Amazon FBA and with our experience your success at Amazon FBA is guaranteed.

Do you want to take the risk and waste time managing it yourself or do you prefer to have the experience and professionalism of an agency specialized in Amazon companies? Contact us now.

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