Marketing Off Amazon

Although we are specialists in the management, marketing and advertising of Amazon, we understand that a global product-brand strategy needs a marketing plan, as well as having its own website and even an eCommerce of the brand-manufacturer-distributor.


To provide a solution to this global strategy, Nozama has created a department specialised in marketing and advertising outside Amazon.

Our service manages the SEO and SEM of your website or eCommerce and manages Social Media – Influencers to ensure maximum sales impact, we will also design, create and maintain your Google Ads and Social Ads SEM campaigns.

Nozama 360 Marketing Package Services “OFF AMAZON”


Below you will find the service proposal to provide 360-degree coverage of your brand image on your website or eCommerce, your SEO positioning, SEM promotion on search engines and Social Ads and the management of your social networks. You will find the service proposal divided into 6 areas:


  1. WEB Development Services
  2. SEO positioning service
  3. SEM positioning service
  4. Social Media Management Service
  5. Social Ads Management Service
  6. Media Relations Service


All services are included in a single monthly fee for integrated management.

Marketing Off Amazon
Marketing Off Amazon
Marketing Off Amazon

Web development service


Modification of the current website or creation of a new website


We will analyse the structure and results of your website, modifying or, if necessary, rebuilding the entire website from scratch.


We will carry out the following tasks:


  • Installation and configuration of the e-commerce manager or website.
  • Installation and configuration of the necessary plugins.
  • Installation of the templates.
  • Configuration of the template adapted to the online shop.
  • Configuration and adaptation of the logo.
  • Creation and adaptation of the main menu.
  • Customisation of the online shop.
  • Creation of a home page.
  • Creation of shopping cart pages.
  • Creation of a contact page.
  • Creation of inside pages.
  • Creation of a blog page.
  • Creation of legal pages.
  • Creation of categories and attributes.
  • Product creation.
  • Payment gateways: Stripe, RedSys and/or PayPal.
  • Multimedia management (images and videos.
  • Training in the operation of the online shop.


We will manage your website for the duration of the contract.




  • Cloud server
  • Daily backup
  • Redis caché
  • Speed optimisation
  • Monitoring
  • Security update
  • Installation of new modules/plugin
  • Including SSL secure site certificate

SEO positioning service


The organic positioning of your website is very important for it to gain relevance and have more successful visits. This positioning, although similar, is not the same as the one we do on Amazon, which is why we differentiate it and assign a team specialised in off Amazon SEO. This SEO will be carried out at two levels, on the one hand within the page, and on the other hand through strategies and tools outside the page.


SEO on page:


  • Monthly SEO audit
  • Study and definition of keywords
  • Optimisation of tags and meta tags
  • Definition of optimised URLs/search engine indexing
  • Optimisation of content structure
  • Content optimisation
  • Loading speed
  • Optimisation for mobile devices
  • Other: sitemap, robots, external links, etc.


SEO Off Page:


  • Link building
    • Organic links
    • Artificial links
    • Blogs
    • Directories
    • Collaborations
  • Content creation
Marketing Off Amazon
Marketing Off Amazon
Marketing Off Amazon

SEM Positioning Service


Just as on Amazon, the competition for customer attention in e-commerce in general is brutal. There are hundreds of millions of sellers with millions of products, so a good positioning and advertising strategy is also necessary for your website.


Nozama will help you design and manage your SEM campaigns. Here are the details of what we will do for you.


We will first define your objectives and advise you based on them to create a joint strategy inside and outside Amazon. We will recommend the budget and investment that best suits these objectives, as well as the best campaign solution. Some of the typical objectives will be:


  • Attract quality traffic to your website.
  • Increase your conversions; have visitors fill out a form or make a purchase.
  • Increase phone calls to your business.
  • Increase physical visits to a local business.
  • Creating Brand Awareness or Brand Remembrance through Branding.


Each objective requires a different strategy, so we will choose between the different types of campaign that best suit the objective:


  • Search Network Campaign
  • Display Network Campaign (GDN)
  • Mobile campaign
  • Remarketing
  • Video campaign (Youtube)
  • Google Shopping Campaign

Once the objectives have been selected and the type of campaign has been decided, we will carry out the initial setup:


  • Keyword research.
  • Account structure and ad groups.
  • Use of the different keyword matches: extended, modified extended, phrase, exact and negative.
  • Conversion code or pixel: page visit, call from a website, call from an ad, click on a phone, app download, etc.
  • Ad extensions: callout, site links, featured text, enhanced text, message, review, etc.
  • Design of static image ads, banners or videos for display.
  • Geographical segmentation.
  • Scheduling of announcements by days and times.
  • Demographic targeting.
  • Initial bids. Ad rotation.
  • Remarketing settings.
  • All in accordance with the aim of obtaining the highest possible profitability.


Once the companies have been launched, we will carry out continuous optimisation:


We will be on daily account monitoring, improving performance through campaign optimisation. We will look for profitability by cross-referencing conversion data and conversion value. We will optimise keywords and ads based on CTR, conversion rate, Quality Score, CPCs, average position, exact search impressions, negative words, etc.

Marketing Off Amazon
Marketing Off Amazon

Social Media Management Service


Any successful eCommerce strategy cannot exclude the “influence” that social media will have.


Our potential customers are not only in these networks, but they are also influenced by the experiences and “influences” of other customers in these networks. Ignoring social networks means neglecting a very important part of the image of our company, brand or product.


At Nozama we have understood this and therefore, we believe that if you have social media you have to have them in the best possible way and, for this reason, although it is not essential for selling on Amazon, we propose this network management service.


Our Social Media management services include:


  • Creation of social profiles or optimisation if already created
  • Management of selected social networks
  • Premium content management. To promote the social networks, we will carry out different outreach work. This service includes the publication in sector groups, the creation of dynamic content adapted to each platform, such as surveys and stories, and raffles every 6 months.
  • Personalised advice. Help in the support of queries, complaints and comments on social networks.
  • Monthly reports. Monthly monitoring reports, analysis of the campaign, objectives achieved, evolution of the actions carried out, etc.

Management of Social ADS Service


Social media has established itself as the environment where our potential customers interact with our product and with other customers. It is therefore important to have a good paid advertising strategy on these social networks. Our service also includes campaigns on these social media networks. To carry out these campaigns, we will carry out an internal and external audit of them, and we will plan the best strategy to use the budget destined to Social Ad.


Internal audit:


  • Advertising account audit:
    • Type of campaigns conducted.
    • Types of selected objectives.
    • Types of advertisements created.
    • Types of segmentation used.
    • Types of copys used.
    • Sales funnel.
  • Assessment of campaigns that have worked best.
  • Assessment of campaigns that did not achieve the desired results.


External audit:


  • Determine competitors and reference accounts.
  • Competitors analysis:
    • Sales Funnel
    • Types of advertisements (creative and copy)
    • Types of segmentation
    • Keywords




  • Strategic summary of the analysis carried out.
    • Objectives
    • Action plans by objectives
    • Types of advertisement
    • Budget for advertising investment in test campaign
    • Total advertising investment budget
  • Definition of segmentation by campaign:
    • Civil status
    • Employment status
    • Age/gender
    • Education
    • Annual income
    • Online behaviour: Shopping experience
    • Conduct of business
    • Relationship with our company
    • Interests
    • Wishes
Marketing Off Amazon
Marketing Off Amazon
Marketing Off Amazon

Press releases: your news in the media


Media coverage is essential to publicise the latest news related to your business. At Nozama we offer you a complete media coverage service where you can publish information about your company and brands in different blogs and national media outlets:


  • Announcements about your company: Restructuring, expansion, change of location, new locations, strategic alliance, new financial investors.
  • Product launch: New products, improvements to a product, new brands, new shops selling your product.
  • Announcing an initiative: New internal or external projects that impact the company’s community.
  • Employee-related announcements: Promotions and new hires.
  • Honours and awards: Special awards or recognition your company, product, project or employee has received.
  • Research results: Uncover the findings of a study related in some way to your business.


It is likely that you do not have the time or resources to carry out a number of actions in your business. We can help you and facilitate your sales process.

You won’t have to worry about anything. Tell us what you need, we’ll take care of everything. We are Nozama, the best Amazon agency.

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