Nozama Pharma

Nozama launches the Nozama Pharma initiative to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers get their nutritional products on Amazon.

In order to be able to sell food supplements on Amazon, it is necessary to comply with all current food safety regulations. If you manufacture, market or distribute vitamin supplements or similar products, at Nozama Solutions we have a team specialised in nutrition that will help you boost your sales on the platform.

What is Nozama Pharma?


Nozama launches the Nozama Pharma initiative to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to incorporate its catalogue of nutritional products on Amazon: vitamins, amino acids, products to increase muscle or body mass, muscle recovery, energy supplements and other vitamin supplements.



The project will be available both on and on the platform’s other European marketplaces: France, Italy, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.


We analyse the possibilities that best suit your business, and you can choose from the following options:



  • We sell for you the products that already exist on Amazon. In this case, Nozama acts as a distributor and Amazon as a customer, so the products will appear on the platform as “Sold and Shipped by Amazon”. With this option, they will be shipped free of charge to Amazon Prime customers and delivered the same day.
    • We optimise your catalogue and position it within Amazon so that your sales grow in different countries. Whether your products exist on the platform or not, Nozama helps you to promote them so that they appear in the first search results.



  • We manage your account or help you create one. Whether your Amazon account is a Seller or a Vendor, we offer a 360° service from publishing your catalogue on the platform, to implementing SEO, PPC and marketing strategies, through to logistics operations and customer services.
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