Santander Clients

Santander Clients

Do you need help to sell on Amazon?

Whether you’re already selling on Amazon or thinking about it, whether you’re self-employed, small, or big business, Nozama can help.


Nozama was founded 10 years ago with the mission to specialize in sales within Amazon, both in the area of individual sellers (Sellers) and in the area of sales to Amazon (Vendor).


If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor we can help you to increase your sales through the Amazon channel.


With Nozama you will have an agency specialized in Amazon that will help you to sell worldwide.


All you have to do is contact us and we will create a personalised plan for your company. We have all the services needed to increase your sales with Amazon, so we can help you through this process or in those areas where you need support.

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Exclusive benefits for Banco Santander customers

Take advantage of the Santander Premium Plan which offers

exclusive benefits such as:

Audit of your account if you're already have one

Free audit of your business to analyse the viability of selling at Amazon

5% off agency fee

Exclusive sales assistants for Santander customers

How the Santander Premium Plan works

Santander Clients

Register a free call with Nozama by filling in your details on this form. It is free and without obligation. An agent of our company will call you the day and time you select to understand your project and analyze the feasibility of it. After the call, we will analyze your project and give you a quote depending on the scope of the project.

Santander Clients

In addition, as a customer of Banco Santander, we will conduct a free audit of your product or business within Amazon, analyzing the status of your account if you already sell on Amazon or analyzing the type of product, competition and potential market volume if you don’t already sell.

Santander Clients

If your project is finally viable and you decide to hire our services, we will sign the agency contract and start your project. We will set up the team that will support you and nominate an Account Manager who will be your main contact.

Remember that as a client of Banco Santander you will have 5% discount on our agency fees.


Just fill in the form below and schedule a call with one of our agents. We will analyse the project and guide you through the whole process.

360º Solution

Whether you're a big company, SME or a small freelancer, we can help you with all the tasks you need to sell on Amazon. We'll help you internationalize and reach many more customers effectively.

No risks

Nozama is focused on our partner's sales success. Up to the point where our rates are conditioned to the sales we achieve of your product, so you will only pay for the sales obtained.

Why trust Nozama….




Amazon Specialist


International Markets


Years of experience

Some of the brands that already trust Nozama

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What you can achieve with Nozama

The main goal is to increase your sales, but you’ll also get:


Your product catalogue will be more visible than ever. Our SEO and SEM specialists at Amazon will position your catalogue to reach the maximum number of potential customers.


We will publish your products in all markets both at domestic and European level as well as the main American markets.

Cost savings

By outsourcing the service to an agency like Nozama, you won't have to hire specialised staff or give your employees extra training.


We will take care of everything at Amazon. Trusting your account to specialised professionals is the key to success.